Isa Lei LW 314

Isa lei, farewell, USP mediating

Fiji brings together - now comes forsaking

Litigation, mediation, arbitration

The consistent core of DR: negotiation

Not to overlook cultural wisdom

Bulibuli and panchayat customary tradition

DR needs abound in pacific island states:

For mediation courts are opening the Gates.

Amnesty reports on Fijian human rights

UN rapporteur on where laws discriminate

Trade and investment treaties to be refreshed anew

Fishing futures demand fresh deals with EU

Pacts need mending with neighbouring island nations

Through dispute prevention and facilitations

Basic DR techniques are simple yet profound,

Attend and reflect amidst clash of clamorous sound

Summarise and reframe, skills universal

Deployable at home, business and social

For student lawyers DR brings salvation - just in time -

New roles as problem-solvers have identities benign

But DR in the future? We divine not how it ends,

But know full well from flexi-school that, ‘It all depends.’

Isa lei, na noqu rarawa

Niko sana vodo e na mataka

Suva, December 2016

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