Conciliation Astir

In conciliation there is a stir

With fancy theories everywhere

Needing trust? Try oxytocin

If bias persists increase the dose in

If your clients still won’t budge

We’re told they do require a Nudge

A question here, a reframe there -

We’re told to get up off our chair

Standing up will free the brain

And shift the mind and dull the pain

That said, don’t forget testosterone

Which comes from preening on your own

Serotonin is for client and liar

Warm water soothes the insula

And breathe in to ventilate your soul

Towards self-care and mindful role

If this is all too much to grasp

And causes you to frown and gasp

Rest assured there’s room to thrive

Old habits keep the game alive

Avoid new acronyms now in play

Like ADC and NAJ

The neuroscience and psychobabble

Leave them to academic rabble

Just float your boat on full remote

But when in doubt then please shout out

I now need help, ergo I think

I really should read Drunk Tank Pink

Even Boulle and Alexander

But now I’m really going too far.

-Fair Work Commission, Masterclass in Dispute Resolution, Sydney, 11 June 2015

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