Dr Laurence Boulle has over 20 years' experience in managing conflict and resolving disputes. He has conducted numerous workshops, seminars and training courses aimed at developing the dispute resolution services of other practitioners. His own practitioner services are:

  • Mediation and conciliation

  • Resolution coaching

  • Resolution consultant and advisor

  • Independent Chair

Mediator and Conciliator


People in conflict and disputes benefit from having an experienced impartial party assist them to communicate, negotiate and problem solve together.

Resolution Consultant and Advisor


Conflicts and disputes are endemic in organisations, large and small. The consultant and advisor can contribute to developing systems which emphasise conflict avoidance and resolution with low transaction costs.

Resolution Coach


Conflict can seem chaotic, confusing and draining. These situations require the expertise of one-on-one coaching designed to normalise, empower and bring peace of mind.

Independent Chair


Many organisations and institutions require independent chairs for specific meetings or other activities. Laurence Boulle can act as an impartial and confidential independent chair in these situations.