Dispute Resolution Walkshops

Whatever the location where disputes arise, many are managed indoors through negotiation, litigation, mediation and other systems with some degree of formality, with parties and others sitting around a table. Here the strictures of the environment can lead to shallow breathing, constrain creative thinking, cause frustration and constrict the neural pathways.

There might be better problem-solving environments outdoors.  Or at least talking about dispute resolution can be done better in the open.

Discover the benefits of reflecting and conversing about matters dispute resolutional in some of Sydney’s most inspiring environments. Conversations will be choreographed with the sights, smells, sounds and touch of the locality, connecting body and mind in beautiful public spaces. This will allow different parts of the brain to function jointly, limbs to be stretched, breathing to deepen and the mind to be liberated.

Walkshop the First

The first Walkshop will be held in the stunning surrounds of Kirribilli, Milsons Point, Lavender Bay and McMahon’s Point.  Starting in Bradfield Park, easily accessible from Milsons Point station and ferry, the Walkshop will move to the Mary Booth lookout in Kirribilli, then along the water-front, under the SH Bridge and around the Lavender Bay foreshore to Wendy’s Garden, thence to Blues Point Road and downhill to McMahon’s Point Reserve. The return trip is a little shorter, via Lavender Bay Road and Alfred Street to Bradfield Park. Apart from the intellectual activities to be discussed information will be provided on the natural and human geography along the way. Optional libations may be taken at the Kirribilli Hotel afterwards.

There will be three planned topics on Walkshop the First, one at each of three stunning venues:

  1. Why shouldn’t mediators advise their clients? – On the Kirribilli water-front.

  2. Could we find better venues for mediation practice? – In Wendy’s Garden.

  3. Is competition policy making society more conflict-prone? - At McMahon’s Point.


In the nature of things these topics can be superseded by others selected by the group as their creative juices flow.

NB – No prior reading or preparation is permitted, note-taking is discouraged and there is no assessment or certification at the end: all is in-the-moment.

Reservations: Necessary at resolveaboulle@gmail.com.  

Date and Time: TBA

Academic and Professional Pre-Requisites: Nil

Cost:  No Fee - No Buyer’s Remorse.  Pay What You Wish (PWYW) at the end.

*Next Walkshop: TBA